Prophecy Morocco was born out of a passion for organic skincare by Madam de Burgos, a property developer, entrepreneur and the lawyer from Seville, Spain. In her nearly two decades of doing business in neighboring Morocco, she became enthralled with the natural beauty of Moroccan women, and ultimately discovered their secret: they care for their skin using nature's purest, most precious oils. Madam de Burgos grew to love using these amazing oils in her own skincare regimen. As her company expanded its business to include investments in mining, timber and land, she decided to begin cultivating the rare, premium-quality argan nuts and cactus seeds that form the key ingredients of nature's finest oils.

As a busy professional, Madam de Burgos has always understood the importance of using time wisely. Similarly, she recognized that using the purest, most premium body care products is the simplest yet best way to effectively nurture one's skin. Hence, Madam de Burgos leveraged her connections with local Berber women in Morocco to reap the finest ingredients from each harvest, and she cooperated with oil production experts that adhere to strict processing specifications to ensure the optimal purity and richness of every drop of oil.

Thanks to her, “Simple Beauty” is now within reach.
Prophecy Morocco — The Essence of Prestige.
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