The Prophecy Morocco Logo represents the enduring realms of power, culture and royalty. Drawing on the time-honored custom of regal oil selection, Prophecy Morocco introduces a new, transformative era of modern skincare, a true prophecy of premier skincare.
The traditional Moroccan home incorporates diverse cultural elements, including social customs, religious faith and long-standing ingenuity. Modest exteriors give way to transitional entryways that lead to lush courtyards, a true architectural achievement in the creation of a glorious living space. A similar philosophy shapes Prophecy Morocco: The perfect balance of the finest natural ingredients creates a subtle luxury that is uniquely our own. Even the classy angular design of our skincare oil bottles is inspired by the water fountains that form the centerpiece of the historical Moroccan home, an enduring symbol of life and vitality.
For centuries the lighthouse of Cape Spartel has guided weary souls through the Straits of Gibraltar and to the welcoming arms of the legendary oasis city of Tangiers, Morocco. Prophecy Morocco is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea's balance of sunlight and shadow, emblematic of natural energy and the connection we have with our surroundings. When our masterfully crafted bottles are touched by the sun's splendor, our oils radiate with the golden beauty of sunlight.
Prophecy Morocco — The Essence of Prestige.
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