To source the finest ingredients, Prophecy Morocco ventured deep into the ancient land of Morocco, known as the “European Backyard” of the North African Atlas Mountains. This harsh yet beautiful and nutrient-rich region is perfectly suited to the growth of argan trees and prickly pear cacti, the fruit of which forms the foundation of our precious “liquid gold” oils.
We are 100% committed to Fair Trade and work closely with the Moroccan Berber Women's Cooperative to ensure that our involvement helps take care of local communities in the region both ecologically and financially. Certified Organic with no chemicals, parabens or additives, and without animal testing, our sustainable environmental approach enables us to deliver the healthy, authentic products you deserve. We offer fresh, pure and natural plant oil to make your skin more radiant than ever.
100% cold-pressed: hand-picked, machine cold-pressed, 0 contamination
100% Fair Trade: traceable ingredients assuring no impure blending
The most viable high-yield raw materials
Pure process: clean, contamination-free oil extraction
Work with Moroccan Berber Women's Cooperative to ensure eco-friendly initiatives and community support
Organically certified source ingredients
No chemical additives: no coloring or fragrances, safe to use
No genetically modified material
No animal testing
— Pure Argan Oil Fits the Trend —
The extraction of natural argan oil involves fewer chemicals. High-tech cold-pressing yields the purest, most refined argan oil. The trend toward organic products also favors argan oil.
— Identifying the Purity of Argan Oil —
Flavor: Natural plant or fruit flavor is retained
Color: Neither too dark nor too light
Texture: Not too watery to the touch
— Choosing the Best Argan Oil —
Ingredients: When choosing high-quality nut oil, first consider the product composition. No flavor, preservatives or water should be added. Choose 100% pure argan oil products.
Aroma: Quality nut oil should have a mild aroma. Flavor may have been added if the smell is too strong. The fewer the nutrients, the weaker the scent of the oil.
Color: The texture of the best argan oil is smooth and non-greasy, but not too watery. It should be light gold in color. A very light hue may indicate a mix of other oils; if it's dark brown, it may be roasted argan oil used for culinary purposes. Always choose argan oil extracted by cold-pressing, as high-temperature extraction destroys the nutrients of most nuts; the nutrients are what make nut oil beneficial to the skin.
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