Precious Argan 28ml


Prestige Oil Elixir

Precious Argan 28ml

1st cold-pressed, 100% Pure, Natural and Organic Precious Argan offers the highest-quality treatment for nourishing and firming up your skin. All natural with no added scents or perfumes, the purest of oils with a hint of nuttiness as one of the most premium nutritional oils nature has to offer.


Rich in Oleic and Linoleic acids to aid in regeneration and build a healthy Ceramide level. Helps to retain moisture and reinforce the skin barrier. Precious Argan has a silky smooth, grease-free texture and delivers superb moisturizing nutrition.


Contains 8 Essential Fatty Acids, including 43% Oleic acid and up to 37% Linoleic acid, with double the content of Vitamin E found in Olive Oil, to deliver significant antioxidant properties and fight against free radicals.


Rich in phytosterols, with excellent moisturizing effects and rapid penetration of the skin. Promotes keratosis cell regeneration and anti-oxidation while increasing elasticity, firmness and smoothness.


As the oil is 100% pure extract with high light-sensitivity, we recommend night use to achieve the best repair effects, including accelerating renewal and slowing aging. Can be used directly or after Incredible Boost Pre-Serum as the first step in your skincare routine. Apply a few drops on a clean face and neck, and massage gently for absorption. Please wear sun protection if used during the day.

Remarkable Renewal, Radiance and Rejuvenation
A new journey to explore.
Argan oil, also known as “liquid gold,” is one of the rarest beauty oils in the world. Prophecy Morocco follows strict resource selection standards and production procedures to develop Precious Argan with ECOCERT natural ingredients. Originating from the Agadir mountains of western Morocco, the finest argan nuts are hand-picked at the optimum time by farmers with over 20 years of experience. Precious Argan adheres to the standards of the Moroccan Royals’ private beauty oil. The top 5% of the highest-quality organic fruit is used as raw material. Within 3 days of picking, the freshest raw oil is cold-pressed to produce 1 liter of Precious Argan from every 6000kg of fruit.
Prophecy Morocco abides by the protocol of the Moroccan Royals for producing argan oil. Ensuring the finest quality while protecting the environment, argan nuts are traditionally hand-picked by local Berber women at the edge of the Sahara Desert. Cold-pressing methods developed by Prophecy Morocco laboratories in Europe are used to process the argan nuts into a pure, premium beauty oil called Precious Argan. This transformative, golden-hued oil brings optimum hydration, repair and anti-aging benefits to your skin, including a soft and supple complexion.
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