Compound Oil Antioxidant Berries 28ml


|Unique Precious Pure Oil|

Super Radiance ·Super Firming

Perfectly integrating organic precious berry essential oil, Prestige Oil Elixir Supreme Seed and Precious Argan, with 100% natural plant ingredients, it effectively brightens, tightens and moisturizes the skin.

Organic precious berry essential oil

Rich in natural berry extract and vitamin E, this berry extract oil diminishes skin imperfections, improves skin tones and its texture. It enhances the skin resistance. High content of Vitamin C delays aging and whitens the skin tone to maintain its elasticity and glow.

Supreme Seed (Prickly Pear Seeds)

The king of revitalization and anti-aging-- The golden pure oil extract reveals great effect on revitalizing, firming and improving the even tone of your skin. It has an excellent effect in nourishing and moisturizing.

Precious Argan

This precious plant oil can fix, nourish the skin and delay its aging. With its easy absorption texture, it helps the skin restore elasticity and keeps it moisturized at all time.

Jojoba oil and sesame oil

The oils have perfect performance in maintaining skin elasticity, keeping it plump and energetic. It is highly moisturizing and returns the skin with natural gloss.


As the first skincare step, directly apply on your skin or use it in the morning and evening after applying Incredible Boost Pre-Serum. Take a few drops and apply it on your face and neck. Massage it gently for better absorption and the effect.

Prophecy Morocco follows strict and exquisite standard to select the best natural material to develop the super compound oil series with perfect proportion and receipts. Through rigorous testing, this refined natural extract plant oil brings you amazing skincare result. It revitalizes your skin and leaves you on a youthful glow.
We strictly extract organic Damascus rose essential oil, Prestige Oil Elixir Supreme Seed and Precious Argan and deploy the best ratio. The super compound oil series are light in texture with effective permeability and the excellent water retention power.

Use it day by day that you can feel your skin brightened with youthful glow and the luminous elasticity.
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