Renewal Firming 120ml


Incredible Boost Pre-Serum

Renewal Firming 120ml

Incredible Boost Pre-Serum, Renewal Firming

Enriched with ECOCERT compliant ingredients, Incredible Boost Pre-Serum Renewal Firming plumps up the skin and makes it more resilient than ever. Instantly improves skin tone, and the complexion is moisturized and more resilient. Prepares the skin to best benefit from daily skincare products.

Golden Peptide-X:

Technology turns Gold into a protective shield that helps anti-aging peptides to minimize face and eye contour wrinkles. Also increases collagen production for plumpness and elasticity, and keep in moisture.

Rose Placenta Extract:

Promotes the synthesis of cytokines such as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) in cells for superior anti-oxidant power in and free radical removal. Increases skin metabolism, which aids in skin reproduction for a more youthful appearance.

Carrageenan Extract:

A bio-moisture with superior hydration effectiveness to preserve water inside the skin. Utilizes Hyaluronic Acid to achieve a long-lasting moisturizing effect and keep skin hydrated, plump and elastic.

Witch Hazel Extract:

Contains Tannis, Flavonoids and Catechins to promote anti-inflammation and refine the complexion.

Honey Extract:

Contains natural Amino Acids, Organic Acids, and Electrolytes for long-lasting moisturizing efficacy.


Morning and evening, apply to a perfectly cleansed face and neck with the fingertips or cotton pad, massaging gently for absorption. Continue with Prophecy Morocco Prestige Oil Elixir or your daily skincare routine.

Prophecy Morocco follows strict standards of materials selection and production procedures to develop a superb Incredible Boost Pre-Serum, an excellent starter for your skincare routine and the perfect partner for our complete oil range to achieve optimal results: healthier, softer skin and a more smooth, supple complexion.
Incredible Boost Pre-Serum, Renewal Firming Enriched with ECOCERT compliant ingredients,for the perfect start to your skincare ritual. Your skin will be more plump and resilient than ever.
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