Hydration Power (5 sheets)


Ultimate Perfection Mask

Hydration Power (5 sheets)

The skin immediately moisturizes and hydrates, and the texture is refined and smooth. The effectiveness lasts to the next day. With continued the use, skin barrier will be stronger and more youthful. The optimal hydration mask to give you smoother, better hydrated, and more energized skin.

Precious Argan:

Promotes restorative and regenerative action at the skin level to combat early aging and sagging skin. Extremely nourishing.

Crithmum Maritimum Extract:

Repairs dermis and improves epidermis metabolism and regeneration to enhance the skin barrier.

Alps Edelweiss Extract:

A powerful antioxidant to clean free radicals and protect DNA. Also adjusts oxidant stress and inflammation from UV rays.


Balances the internal and external moisture of cells for excellent moisturizing effect. Strengthens the skin barrier.


Soothes the skin and delivers anti-allergy effect. Promotes the growth of healthy cells. Boosts absorption of nutrients in the skin and improves roughness and sensitivity.

Vitamin B3:

Increases skin moisture and strengthens epidermal barrier. Promotes cell activation and improves aging appearance. Dilutes skin tone by inhibiting melanin transfer.

Vitamin B5:

Promotes cell regeneration. Good penetration of the skin for enhanced deep moisturizing effect.

Exquisite Soft Mask:

Made from the finest cotton fiber in the market, softer than Silk and better fitting than Tencel. Can carry 15 times the water capacity of its own weight for long-lasting hydration benefits, and it's 100% decomposable.


Apply on clean face, stretching to fully cover the contours. Remove the mask after 10 minutes and discard. Gently press in any remaining essence.

Prophecy Morocco Ultimate Perfection Mask Hydration Power An excellent skin care product for daily use to achieve optimal facial treatment results. The optimal hydration mask to give you smoother, better hydrated, and more energized skin.
Prophecy Morocco follows strict material selection standards and production procedures to develop the Ultimate Perfection Mask line of caring and nourishing masks with selected ECOCERT Natural and Organic ingredients. It gives you the nutrition you need for a smooth, soft and supple complexion.
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