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Supreme Seed 15ml

1st cold-pressed, 100% Pure, Natural and Organic Supreme Seed is an extraordinary oil extracted from prickly pear seeds, which have outstanding antioxidant effects. All natural with no added scents or perfumes, the purest of oils with a hint of nuttiness as one of the most premium nutritional oils nature has to offer.

Moisturizing and Softening:

Linoleic and Oleic Acids are Essential Fatty Acids that replenish lost lipids within the skin, helping to moisturize and restore elasticity. High Linoleic Acid content ensures that even the most dehydrated skin is ameliorated, while high Fatty Acid content increases cell renewal and plumps the skin to reduce wrinkles and prevent damage from free radicals.


Contains the highest levels of Betalains, Vitamin E and Polyphenols with powerful antioxidant effects to protect skin from aging and various types of damage.


Containing a high level of Vitamin K, prickly pear seed oil reduces hyperpigmentation such as dark spots and under-eye dark circles and helps to make the complexion more even.


Enriched Essential Fatty Acids and Amino Acids aid in reducing inflammation and facial redness. Elastin is also restored, and collagen production is stimulated.



As the oil is 100% pure extract with high light-sensitivity, we recommend night use to achieve the best repair effects, including accelerating renewal and slowing aging. Can be used directly or after Incredible Boost Pre-Serum as the first step in your skincare routine. Apply a few drops on a clean face and neck, and massage gently for absorption. Please wear sun protection if used during the day.

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