Compound Oil Revitalizing Rose 28ml


|Unique Precious Pure Oil|

Revitalizing· Moisturizing

Perfectly composed of organic Damascus rose essential oil, Prestige Oil Elixir Supreme Seed and Argan-- with 100% natural plant ingredients, it possesses the tremendous effects for revitalization, anti-wrinkles and skin moisturizing.

Damascus rose essential oil

The oil is extracted from naturally organic Damascus rose petals that revitalizes and restores the skin with astonishing moistures. The oil also helps reduce skin tension and wrinkles that improves uneven skin tone and brings back the youthful look.

Supreme Seed

The king of revitalization and anti-aging the extract golden oil delivers great effects on revitalizing, firming and improving the even skin tones. It ensures excellent effects of nourishing and moisturizing.

Precious Argan

This precious plant oil nourishes the skin and delays the aging process. With its strong immersion characteristic and the silky texture, it helps the skin restore elasticity and preserve in-depth hydration.

Jojoba oil and sesame oil

The oil performs well in maintaining skin elasticity, keeping the skin fresh and energetic. It restores the skin's natural gloss and stands long-lasting moisturizing effect.


As the first skincare step, directly apply on your face or use it in the morning and evening after applying Incredible Boost Pre-Serum. Take a few drops on your face and neck and massage gently for better absorption.

Prophecy Morocco follows strict and exquisite standard to select the best natural material for producing the super compound oil series with perfect proportion. With rigorous manufacturing process, this refined natural plant oil extract brings you the pronounced effect to revitalize your skin and leaves you on a youthful glow.
We strictly extract organic Damascus rose essential oil, Prestige Oil Elixir Supreme Seed and Precious Argan and deploy the best ratios to deliver the finest quality. The super compound oil series are light in texture and with effective permeability for excellent water retention.

Use it day by day, you can feel your skin lightened and refreshed with youthful glow and translucent elasticity.
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